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Water features, water walls, contemporary water fountains, and outdoor lighting are the passion of JDI Designs. We offer a full range of water feature services including consultation, concept creation, collaborative design, precision engineering, fabrication, and installation. Our team has the experience and unique balance of artistic and technical skills to transform your ideas into working pieces of functional art and fine architectural detail.

Architects, designers, businesses, and discriminating home owners have relied on the creative talents of JDI Designs to transfer their environments with the beauty and tranquility of our creations.

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About The Artist

John Monroe Architectural Artist and FountainDesignerJohn Monroe
Architectural Artist/Fountain Designer

John created his first piece of original art in the form of Sheriff Owl, cartoon character and comic hero.  In only two years, his artistic interests and talent grew, earning him the opportunity to study under Hugo Herbeck, himself a protege of Profirio Salinas, the preferred artist in The White House during the L.B.J. presidency.  Herbeck taught his students the Salinas technique for landscapes.  This has played a role in John’s ability to create landscape features that are both aesthetically pleasing while being functionally sound.

By age 16, his interest in tactile art blossomed under Jack Whidden, who taught John the art of printing on glass and helped him focus his artistic energies.  His drive to create larger, functional, even interactive, works of art took him to the studio of Piero Resta in Maui, where he honed his skills working with clay, mosaics, water movement and metal works.  As a trained and accomplished welder and home inspector, John has married all of these diverse interests to create a genre he refers to as architectural art.

He currently specializes in fountain design, landscape lighting and metal works.  He lends his eye for detail and aesthetics to larger home improvement projects as well, turning landscape lighting, patio/garden design and other home improvements projects into true works of art.